Giving you accurate and professional data charting.

MD SOLUTIONS+™ has a team of professional scribes who can give you quality services each time. They are guaranteed to:

  • Chart all doctor-patient encounters and visits in real time
  • Chart all procedures, diagnosis, prescriptions, notes, etc.
  • Provide documentation for doctors in the EHR (Electronic Health Record)
  • Gather information for each patient’s visit
  • Monitor the duration of medical testing results and reports

Our medical/virtual scribes are medical professionals with extensive experience in healthcare, thus, giving them ease when it comes to understanding various medical procedures for charting or recording. With their sets of skills, we assure you that they can be of great help when it comes to creating a comprehensive data system for your convenience.

Connect with Us!

Should you have any question, message, or concern that you wish to relay to us, please feel free to contact us! We at MD SOLUTIONS+™ will be more than glad to be of service.